My dad is dead untitled - Father of Sema’j Crosby: “I just want my baby to have.

"The Moline Police Department was told by a witness that he observed William "Ed" Smith, in a late model Chevrolet 4-door near Smith's residence in East Moline on Campbell's Island in the late morning hours on August 21, 1996", said Detective Michael Griffin in a news release Thursday morning.

“He liked to have fun, and he was real energetic and goofy --- real goofy just like me," the heartbroken dad said. "Every time I look at his picture, it just hurts."

holy fuck, I didn’t expect this to work, I was like psh, whatever it’s just a quick reblog, but I wished my Dad would actually respond back to me AND HE FUCKING DID A FEW DAYS LATER, I GOT A FUCKING TEXT FROM MY DAD TODAY WHO HASN’T SPOKEN OR RESPONDED TO ME IN MONTHS HOLY FUCK WHAT IS THIS MAGIC IT WORKS. 

My Dad Is Dead UntitledMy Dad Is Dead UntitledMy Dad Is Dead UntitledMy Dad Is Dead Untitled