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Bachman then wrote a short song in the key of F ♯ called "No Sugar Tonight". When he presented the song to Burton Cummings and the record company, he was told that the song was too short. Bachman and Cummings expanded the song by adding to it a song Cummings had written that was also in the key of F ♯ , "New Mother Nature". The song was originally written without the "in my coffee" and "in my tea" wording. The band was ordered to alter the lyrics to make the sexual connotation less obvious, though urban legends persist that "no sugar tonight in my coffee" alludes to veiled LSD references, possibly bolstered by the later lyric "a bag of goodies and a bottle of wine". Bachman is well-known for his anti-drug lifestyle. [ citation needed ]

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Sugar Sugar New Girl In TownSugar Sugar New Girl In TownSugar Sugar New Girl In TownSugar Sugar New Girl In Town