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A high performance formulation – Contains oils which do not cause build up on the hair. Does not contain silicon found in many competitor products, which with regular use can coat the hair making it dull and lank.

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4. Avoid combing hair when wet. Don’t indulge in unnecessary brushing, blow-drying or heat-styling. Overexposure to chemicals in dyes or procedures such as rebonding stunt hair growth. Stick to nature-sourced colours such as henna and indigo. Use natural organic shampoos as far as possible.
5. Avoid the use of hot water for washing the hair. Always wash in lukewarm or preferably, cold water.
6. Regularly do a scalp massage with natural growth-boosting oils such as coconut, jojoba and olive oil to stimulate the follicles.
7. Trim your hair regularly to remove damaged hair and split ends every 6-12 weeks, depending on your rate of growth.
8. Live happy stress-free life and get ample rest and sleep to allow hair to reach its maximum growth potential.

Bad Manners Lip Up Fatty Wooly BullyBad Manners Lip Up Fatty Wooly BullyBad Manners Lip Up Fatty Wooly BullyBad Manners Lip Up Fatty Wooly Bully