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I am an avid tennis players and have been experiencing pain in the hip that often radiates down to the knee area. I did have a lower back strain a couple of years ago and have rehabed that area. Are IT band problems common in tennis players? Thanks

A twinkle in your mind (Twinkle in your mind)
Shimmering thoughts of joy (Baby, lover, sweetheart)
Dream all your troubles way (Whoa, whoa, whoa)

SOS are an American, Atlanta born, R&B and electro funk band that have been going strong since 1977. The Georgian group have achieved moderate success over the many years that they have been in fruition, building up a legion of fans over the decades. The crowd was indeed packed full of nostalgic middle aged funk veterans who had clearly come to reminisce, as well as families and even quite a few young people. It seems that funk will never die, and SOS’s music will always remain popular in that brilliant 80s fashion of resurgence. The groovy hits that SOS smashed out in the day are now ‘hipster’. Young and old were grooving away to hits such as the eponymously titled ‘SOS’, ‘What’s Wrong with our Love Affair’ and ‘Take Your Time’. Despite decades together, the band were still full of energy and passion for the music they were performing and this translated into the crowd. People were singing along, shouting out choruses and dancing to the grooves. It was a wonderfully nostalgic night all round.

SOS Band Even When You SleepSOS Band Even When You SleepSOS Band Even When You SleepSOS Band Even When You Sleep