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Which One (2000) – Mad Cobra
..... Album: Greensleeves Rhythm Album : Tixx/Blaze (February 27, 2001) (Greensleeves Records)
..... Single: Which One (7-inch single) (2000) (CJ Productions Records) (riddim: Blaze)
..... Lyrics: Found

Wicked Inna Bed (1989) – Shabba Ranks
..... Album: Just Reality (VP Records) (July 1, 1991)
..... Album: Caan Dun (VP Records) (December 5, 1995)
..... Album: Greatest Hits (Epic Records) (August 7, 2001)
..... Album: Jamaica Go Go (soundtrack) (Mango Records) (January 22, 1991)
..... Single: Wicked Inna Bed (7-inch single) (1989) (label: Digital B) (riddim: General)
..... Lyrics: Found

Woah (2001) – Capleton
..... see: New Way (Whoa!)

Woman Mi Give Talk (2004) – Hawkeye
..... Album: Riddim Driven: Phantom (December 21, 2004) (VP Records/Walboomers Records)
..... Single: Bad Mind (Go Weh) (by Tanto Metro & Devonte/Woman Mi Give Talk (by Hawkeye) (7-inch single) (August 2004) (Fresh Ear Records) (riddim: Phantom)
..... Lyrics: Found

World Nuh Need Dem (2001) – YT
..... Album: Greensleeves Rhythm Album #20: Time Bomb (January 15, 2002) (Greensleeves Records)
..... Single: World Nuh Need Dem (7-inch single) (2001) (John Dog Records) (riddim: Time Bomb)
..... Lyrics: Found

Who Dem? (1999) – Capleton (aka: Slew Dem)
..... Album: Greensleeves Reggae Sampler (April 18, 2000) (Greensleeves Records)
..... Album: More Fire (May 16, 2000) (VP Records)
..... Album: The Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems Of 2000 (October 24, 2000) (Greensleeves Records)
..... Album: Live At Negril Jamaica (concert from 2001) (July 4, 2003) (On The Corner Records)
..... Album: Soundsystem Selection 2004 (December 8, 2003) (WSM Records)
..... Single: Who Dem (7-inch single) (1999) (Mentally Disturbed Records) (riddim: Bellyass)
..... Single: Slew Dem/South Of Heaven (by Slayer) (7-inch single) (1999) (Superior Ready Mix Records) (riddim: Bellyass)
..... DVD: Still Blazin’ Live (June 17, 2003) (VP Records) (live in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park 2002)
..... Lyrics: Found
..... NOTE: The song WHO DEM seems to be featured on the compilation The Best Of Capleton (Hip-O Records) (2002), but under a different name.

Yippy Yow (2004) – Elephant Man & Busta Rhymes
..... Album: None
..... Single: Yippy Yow (7-inch single) (March 2004) (Danger Zone Records) (riddim: Perilous)
..... Lyrics: Found

Your Bad Luck (2000) – Beenie Man (aka: Bad Luck)
..... Album: Selector’s Choice Presents Adonai: Sound Of The Future (November 28, 2000) (VP Records)
..... Single: Your Bad Luck (7-inch single) (August 2000) (Mo Music Records) (riddim: Hurricane)
..... Lyrics: Found
..... NOTE: I look for an hour. I only found it on SOUND OF THE FUTURE, which seems to be a DJ remix compilation made by VP Records.
..... I wonder if the song wasn’t released under a different name.

Bernadette has spent the last forty years living alone on the periphery of a remote West Coast First Nations reserve, serving as a nurse for the community. Only weeks from retirement, she finds herself unsettled, with no immediate family of her own. Her fears are complicated by the role she has played within their community: a keeper of secrets in a place “too small for secrets.” When the shocking announcement is made that Chase Charlie, the young man that Bernadette loves like a son, is missing, the community is thrown into upheaval. Jennifer Manuel has won awards for her short fiction, including the Storyteller’s Award at the Surrey International Writer’s Conference in 2013. A long-time activist in Aboriginal issues, Manuel taught elementary and high school in the lands of the Tahltan and Nuu-chah-nulth peoples. More

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