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Grace is a composite of women who sought to bring grace and beauty to their homes regardless of station. Gardening brought peace, beauty and food for their tables. It gave a respite from the chores of the day, a time for reflection, beauty, grace and satisfaction. As women often did, they translated what they saw around them into needlework and made beautiful heirloom quilts or simple, everyday quilts with a purpose in the care of the family. Moda Fabrics United Notions

The word or name art pictures make a perfect gift for weddings or family as they can express a bit of sentiment such as "Family", "Love", and "Cherish". But, these art pieces also make a handsome corporate or client gift and can spell out the name of an ideal or a goal, or perhaps the name of the city where you do business.

Emerald City PiecesEmerald City PiecesEmerald City PiecesEmerald City Pieces