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How important is wellness to the Millennials? As their consumption in other areas drop, they’re willing to pay more for athletic gear.

We're sitting in one of the lobby's elegant clusters of sofas and plush chairs along with an official from the public prosecutor's office, and what's described as an independent human rights society. We're provided with a briefing, on the condition that no-one is quoted by name.

In addition to our huge collection of data, we have also created our Top 100 City Lists and Top 101 City Lists . These lists rank cities in hundreds of categories, including income, crime, most gay couples, most cars, shortest commute, biggest houses, best educated residents and many more. We also have thousands of random city pictures submitted by our users.

Here in Berkeley County, we’ve tried to give back more than jobs to the community. We’ve made an investment of over half a million dollars to local schools and nonprofits and introduced free Wi-Fi to downtown Goose Creek. In June 2012, we hosted Googlefest in nearby Charleston to help nonprofits, small businesses, and educators use the full range of Google’s tools.

An earlier version of this article misstated iRobot’s plans, based on a Reuters report that was later corrected. The company said it might share mapping data with customers’ consent, not sell it.

Data Living Inside MeData Living Inside MeData Living Inside MeData Living Inside Me