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He asks are you crying again, I know its happiness tears, then you will pass life crying like this. She says I know. He says you don’t know I planned a surprise for you. Tej asks are you out of your mind, I will never tolerate anyone questioning my children’s birth. Jhanvi says please, its a drama for Shivaye. He says I don’t care, I should think for my profit, Shivaye is Shakti’s illegitimate child, I can use this point, Shivaye went ahead of me in business, if this point comes out, he will get speed breakers in his life. She says you should be ashamed, don’t forget Om is alive because of Shivaye. He says Om lost right to be called my son. She says you lost right to be called a father, you fell in my life after what you did along Kaali.

Royal Flairs Suicide One Pine BoxRoyal Flairs Suicide One Pine Box