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Oolong tea – The tea leaves are partially oxidized, imparting to them the characteristics of both green and black teas. Its taste is more similar to green tea than black tea, but has a less "grassy" flavor than green tea. The three major oolong-tea producing areas are on the southeast coast of China . Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan. Tieguanyin ( Chinese : 鐵觀音 ; pinyin : tiěguānyīn ; Cantonese Yale : titgūnyām ), is one of the most popular choice of tea. It is originally cultivated in Fujian province and is a premium variety of Oolong tea with delightful fragrance.

It has since tested other European egg imports and has not found any more "unsatisfactory samples", the South China Morning Post newspaper quoted a spokeswoman as saying.


 · It turns 44 this fall, if we’re really counting, but in Hong Kong , where one year packs the turbocharge of 10, it might as well be four centuries old.

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And it was full of snazzy innovations. Announcing the hotel’s debut in September 1963, the South China Morning Post went gaga over "space-age" elevators that "catapulted" guests to the top floor "in 21 seconds!" The Mandarin was the first hotel in Hong Kong to be equipped with direct-dial phones, and the first in all of Asia to include a bath in every guest room. (When he saw the blueprints, the incredulous project architect asked, "Are the guests amphibious?")

By 1963 there were 600 KFC restaurants, making the company the largest fast food operation in the United States. [18] KFC popularized chicken in the fast food industry, diversifying the market by challenging the established dominance of the hamburger . [23]

Chicken George Hong Kong ReggaeChicken George Hong Kong ReggaeChicken George Hong Kong ReggaeChicken George Hong Kong Reggae