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For us, it is still a small drop in the ocean and we feel it is just a beginning. Once we started, we will never stop teaching, feeding and emotionally supporting people .

The wings are present in only one sex (often the male) in some groups such as velvet ants and Strepsiptera , or are selectively lost in "workers" of social insects such as ants and termites . Rarely, the female is winged but the male not, as in fig wasps . In some cases, wings are produced only at particular times in the life cycle, such as in the dispersal phase of aphids . Wing structure and colouration often vary with morphs , such as in the aphids , migratory phases of locusts and polymorphic butterflies . At rest, the wings may be held flat, or folded a number of times along specific patterns; most typically, it is the hindwings which are folded, but in a few groups such as the vespid wasps , it is the forewings.

I don't know, I get my winose on the 13th of August, I have a remember on my calendar on the 14th to try out my wings, I really hope it works!!

Grow Up Without WingsGrow Up Without WingsGrow Up Without WingsGrow Up Without Wings