Mendes prey on to the borderline - Chris Pratt Shares Warning Of Imposter Using Fake.

all chanting cease when the sky burns red
the moutain peak explodes with fury
clouds of doom shall reign upon the mendes
world of death and sacrifice
one dagger through the heart of innocence
convicts the power to die forever

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In traditional Wicca ( British Traditional Wicca ) , he is generally regarded as a dualistic god of twofold aspects: bright and dark, night and day, summer and winter, the Oak King and the Holly King . In this dualistic view, his two horns symbolize, in part, his dual nature. (The use of horns to symbolize duality is also reflected in the phrase "on the horns of a dilemma.") The three aspects of the Goddess and the two aspects of the Horned God are sometimes mapped on to the five points of the Pentagram , although which points correspond to which deity aspects varies. In some other systems, he is represented as a triune god , split into three aspects that reflect those of the Triple Goddess: the Youth ( Warrior ), the Father , and the Sage .

Mendes Prey On To The BorderlineMendes Prey On To The BorderlineMendes Prey On To The BorderlineMendes Prey On To The Borderline