Denims im your man - 10 Shoes To Wear With Jeans: The Complete Guide

The chemistry is most efficient right at the start where all the chemicals go in, and then the reaction tapers off over time. It tapers off over quite a long period of time and you can certainly re-use the dye a second and even a third time. Each time that you use it the colour will be more pastel and your textures will become is no need to add more chemicals once all the powders in the packs are in the fluid. Re-heating the dye the second time around can improve results, as can longer exposure times. I have left fabrics in recycled dye for up to three weeks and I got beautiful results. Do not be afraid to leave the fabric in the fluids for a longer period of time. Just remember that if you want to manage the outcome and get a perfect colour, you can only do so with fresh dye. When using dye that has stood for a period, the result will be a variable. I quite enjoy working with recycled dye because I look forward to the surprise of the colour that comes out of the dyebath. You never quite know what it will be. Re-using your dye is a great way to achieve graded shades of a similar colour that go from dark to light, especially for quilters.  If you want to learn more about how reactive dye works and how to achieve results that are bright and lasting wash after wash, click through and sign up for my online course at the link below...http://melanie-brummers-/courses/the-basics-of-tie-dye-with-reactive-dyes/

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Anyway, to get the most out of slip-on footwear, choose loafers or moccasins in leather. They handle suits and jeans equally well. But, they don’t lend themselves to business or dressy occasions where lace-up shoes are preferred.

The word denim came from a French phrase that meant “serge of Nimes.” Serge is a kind of sturdy cloth. Nimes is a city in the southern part of France where making cloth was traditionally a major industry. When the English borrowed the French phrase that meant “serge of Nimes” they made it serge denim. Later this phrase was shortened to denim.

Denims Im Your ManDenims Im Your ManDenims Im Your ManDenims Im Your Man