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JoJo Kiss - Hole In One
Jojo goes by her friend's house and her friend's dad, Charles, answers the door. Charles tells Jojo his daughter will be home soon and offers to let her wait inside. Jojo hangs out in her friend's bedroom, but she soon grows bored. Jojo sneaks into Charles room and snoops around until she accidentally breaks one of his prized golf trophies. Charles hears the commotion and goes to check on Jojo, not realizing he's about to get more than he bargained fore!

The band played blues and rock cover songs by artists ranging from Willie Dixon to Moby Grape; however, they would focus more on their original compositions with their move to Brooklyn, New York in 1969. Fagan and Becker assumed various roles in the music industry contributing to the soundtrack of the Richard Pryor film “You’ve Got to Walk It Like You Talk It or You’ll Loose that Beat” and acting as touring members of the group Jay and the Americans.

Moby Grape Truly Fine CitizenMoby Grape Truly Fine CitizenMoby Grape Truly Fine CitizenMoby Grape Truly Fine Citizen