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Armando Nava's father was a sales person and wished to take his family to TIJUANA, Baja California, and as a salesman he used to travel a lot. [2] One day, after a year or so, ARMANDO wanted to go back to DURANGO and try to take the band "XIPPOS ROCK " to TIJUANA. He talked to his mother, MRS NAVA, to let the band travel with them back to TIJUANA. At the time MR NAVA was in Tijuana. The line-up consisted of: ARMANDO NAVA (LEAD GUITAR), Jorge Lujan (vocals and guitar),JORGE DE LA TORRE (VOCALS), SERGIO ORRANTE (DRUMS), and MOISES MUNOZ (bass guitar). They started playing in mazatlan, in OBREGON SONORA, and, at the request of Nava' father, who was their manager, they changed their name to "Los dug Dug's", and decided to continue their journey all the way up to Tijuana. [3] After two months in Tijuana the drummer (SERGIO ORRANTE) decided to go back to Durango and continue with his regular life as high school student. In 1964 Xippos Rock began the road trip from Durango to Tijuana and halfway through the trip,in the city of Ciudad Obregón , Sonora , the name was changed to Los Dug Dug's, an abbreviation of the band's native city and state.

Dug Dugs Chicotito Si Chicotito No Brinca Brinca