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Don McLean  (1945) - singer-songwriter (Italian mother) 
Tim McGraw  (1967) - country music singer (Italian grandfather) 
Johnny Maestro  (John Mastrangelo) (1939-2010) - lead singer,  The Crests
Nick Massi  (Nicholas Macioci) (1935) - bass singer,  The Four Seasons
Madonna  (Ciccone) (1958) - singer-songwriter, actor (Italian father)
Kathy Mattea  (1959) - country singer (Italian name)
Melanie  (Safka) (1947) - singer-songwriter (Italian mother)
Jim Messina  (1947) singer, musican, producer,  Loggins & Messina, Poco

Laura Nyro  (Laura Nigro) (1947-1997) - singer-songwriter (Italian father)

John Oates  (1949) - singer,  Hall & Oates  (Italian mother)

Suzi Quatro  (1950) - singer-songwriter, musician, actor (Italian father)
Johnny Rivers  (John Ramistella) (1942) - singer-songwriter, producer
Bobby Rydell  (Robert Louis Ridarelli) (1942) - 1950s teen idol

Richie Sambora  (1959) - lead guitarist /singer-songwriter,  Bon Jovi
Shakira  (Shakira Ripolli) (1977) - singer, songwriter, dancer (Italian grandparent)
Nancy Sinatra  (1940) - singer, actor
Nikki Sixx  (Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna) (1958) - singer,  Mötley Crüe  (Italian father)
Bruce Springsteen  (1949) - singer-songwriter (Italian mother)
Gwen Stefani  (1969) - singer-songwriter, musician (Italian father)
Connie Stevens  (Concetta Ingoglia) (1938) - singer, actor (Italian father)
Dodie Stevens  (Geraldine Ann Pasquale) (1946) - singer

Steve Tyler  (Steven Victor Tallarico) (1948) - lead singer,  Aerosmith  (Italian grandfather) 

Frankie Valli  (Francis Stephen Castelluccio) (1937) - lead singer  The Four Seasons
Steven Van Zandt  (Steven Lento) (1950) - songwriter, musician,  E Street Band
Gino Vannelli  (1952) - Canadian singer, songwriter, musician, composer
Bobby Vee  (Robert Thomas Velline) (1943) - 1960s teen idol

"Weird Al" Yankovic  (1959) - parodist, comedy musician (Italian grandparent)
Timi Yuro  (Rosemarie Timotea Aurro) (1940-2004) - soul and R&B singer
Frank Zappa  (1940-1993) - singer-songwriter

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Additional Singers

George Biondo  - singer, guitarist,  Steppenwolf
Chris Carrabba  - lead singer,  Dashboard Confessional
Gary Cherone  - former lead singer,  Van Halen
Glenn Danzig  (Glenn Anzalone) - former lead singer,  The Misfits
Benny DeFranco  - singer, guitarist,  The DeFranco Family
Merlina DeFranco  - singer, drummer,  The DeFranco Family
Marisa DeFranco  - singer, keyboardist,  The DeFranco Family
Nino DeFranco  - singer, guitarist,  The DeFranco Family
Tony DeFranco  - lead singer, guitarist,  The DeFranco Family
Ronnie James Dio  (Ronald James Padavona) - singer, songwriter,  Black Sabbath
Joe Dolce  - singer,  Joe Dolce Music Theatre
Charlie Dominici  - singer,  Dominici
Davey Havok  (David Paden Passaro) - singer,  AFI
Adam Lazzara  - lead singer,  Taking Back Sunday
Natalie Merchant  - singer-songwriter (Italian father) 
Jerry Only  (Gerald Caiafa) - guitarist, lead singer,  The Misfits  
Gerard Way  - lead singer,  My Chemical Romance  (Italian mother)

Rock/Pop Musicians

Sal Abruscato  - drummer,  Life of Agony
Steve Albini  - singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer,  Shellac
Trey Anastasio  - guitarist, composer, singer,  Phish
Frank Bello  - bass player,  Anthrax
Charlie Benante  - drummer,  Anthrax
Patrick Bonfrisco  - drummer,  Enewetak
Terry Bozzio  - drummer,  Frank Zappa
Dr. Chud  (David Calabrese) - former drummer,  The Misfits  
Vinnie Colaiuta  - drummer,  Frank Zappa
Alessandro Cortini  - keyboardist,  Nine Inch Nails
Dan Costello  - guitarist,  The DeFranco Family
Peter Criss  - drummer,  Kiss
Warren Cuccurullo  - guitarist,  Frank Zappa
Chris DeGarmo  - guitarist,  Queensrÿche
Joey DeMaio  - bassist, songwriter,  Manowar
Liberty DeVitto  - drummer,  Billy Joel
Nick Falcon  - guitarist,  The Young Werewolves
Josh Farro  - lead guitarist,  Paramore
Zac Farro  - drummer,  Paramore
D. J. Fontana  - drummer for Elvis Presley
John Frusciante  - guitarist  Red Hot Chili Peppers
Neil "Spyder" Giraldo  - lead guitarist for Pat Benetar
Frank Iero  - rhythm guitarist,  My Chemical Romance
Tony Iommi  - guitarist, songwriter,  Black Sabbath
Chris Impellitteri  - guitarist,  Impellitteri
Joe Jonas  - singer,  Jonas Brothers  (Italian ancestry)
Kevin Jonas  - guitarist, singer,  Jonas Brothers
Nick Jonas  - guitarist, singer,  Jonas Brothers
Guy Lombardo  - Canadian bandleader,  The Royal Canadians
Fred Mascherino  - guitarist, backing vocals,  Taking Back Sunday
Tom Morello  - guitarist,  Rage Against the Machine
Tony Mottola  - guitarist (solo)
Mason Musso  - singer, guitarist,  Metro Station
Felix Pappalardi  - bassist, producer,  Cream, Mountain
Joe Perry  - lead guitarist, songwriter,  Aerosmith
John Petrucci  - metal guitarist,  Dream Theater
Guy Picciotto  - guitarist, singer,  Fugazi
Jeff Porcaro  - drummer,  Toto
Matt Rubano  - bassist,  Taking Back Sunday
Ralph Santolla  - guitarist,  Deicide
Joe Satriani  - rock guitarist, multi-instrumentalist
Johnny Thunders  (John A. Genzale) - guitarist,  New York Dolls
Mark Tremonti  - lead guitarist,  Creed
Steve Vai  - guitarist, composer, producer,  Frank Zappa
Zacky Vengeance  - guitarist,  Avenged Sevenfold
Chris Vrenna  - producer, songwriter,  Tweaker
Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein  (Paul Caiafa) - former guitarist,  The Misfits
Mikey Way  - bass guitarist,  My Chemical Romance  (Italian mother)
Dean Ween  (Michael Melchiondo) - guitarist,  Ween
Sandy West  (Sandra Pesavento) - drummer,  The Runaways

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Below is a list of cities visited by Martini, traveling in at least fifteen countries in Europe and seven provinces of the Chinese empire, making stops in India, Java, Sumatra, the Philippines and South Africa. After studying at Trent and Rome, Martini reached Genoa , Alicante , Cadiz , Sanlucar de Barrameda (port near to Seville in Spain), Seville , Evora and Lisbon (Portugal), Goa (in the western region of India), Surat (port in the northwestern region of India), Macao (on the China's southern coast, administrated by the Portuguese), Guangzhou (the capital of Guangdong Province ), Nanxiong (in northern Guangdong province , between the mountains), Nanchang (the capital of Jiangxi Province ), Jiujiang (in northwest Jiangxi Province ), Nanjing , Hangzhou (the capital of Zhejiang Province ) and Shanghai , traversing the Shandong Province he reached Tianjin and Beijing , Nanping in the Fujian Province , Wenzhou (in southern Zhejiang Province ), Anhai (a port in southern Fujian ), Manila (in the Philippines ), Makassar ( Sulawesi island in the Dutch Indonesia ), Batavia / Jakarta ( Sumatra island, capital of the Dutch Indonesia ), Cape Town / Kaapstad (a stop of twenty days in the fort, the Dutch Governor Jan van Riebeeck had built in 1652), Bergen , Hamburg , the Belgian Antwerp and Bruxelles where he met the archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria, the Dutch Leiden (with the scholar Jacob van Gool aka Golius ) and Amsterdam where he met the famous cartographer Joan Blaeu , almost certainly some cities in France, then Monaco di Baviera , Vienna and the nearby Hunting Pavilion of Ebersdorf  ( de ) (where he met the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III of Habsburg ), and finally Rome. For his last journey (from 11 January 1656 to 17 July 1658) Martini sailed from Genoa , the Hyeres islands on the French Riviera (to escape pirates), to Alicante, Lisboa, Goa, the Portuguese colony of Larantuka in Flores Island (Indonesia) resting over a month, Makassar (where he met a Dominican friar, Domingo Navarrete ), Macao, and finally Hangzhou, where he died. [6]

Al Martino The Italian Voice Of Al MartinoAl Martino The Italian Voice Of Al MartinoAl Martino The Italian Voice Of Al MartinoAl Martino The Italian Voice Of Al Martino