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Adam Fleischer of XXL gave the album three out of ten, saying "For the most part, the Queens native relies on his signature style, where he shines, weaving yarns about illicit scenarios that often include shady vixens looking for a come up. Though the album includes beats from Alchemist and old Juice Crew buddy Marley Marl, a lack of star-level production hinders the release a bit. Even so, a legion of lesser-known beatsmiths build a capable enough backdrop to showcase G Rap's New York grittiness". [5]

2- Pollo Del Mar & Russ Rich – Id Rule The World (A Womans Got The Power) (Mission Groove Salvation Sex on the Strip Anthem)

neha200 Dec 02 2013 2:05 am Yay. This can be redemption for that one other drama special they did together where she fell in love with kyujong. :D

 · Miyu Mar 29 2015 9:24 pm Iljimae was so fun. It had some of the best fighting scenes in a drama. I liked it when Lee Joon Gi acted as Iljimae. The parts ...

Lee Moses Im Sad About ItLee Moses Im Sad About ItLee Moses Im Sad About ItLee Moses Im Sad About It