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By the early 20th century, it came to be used as a general courtesy title for any man in a formal setting, usually as a suffix to his name, as in "Todd Smith, Esq.", with no precise significance. In the United Kingdom today, it is still commonly used as a written style of address in formal or professional correspondence. [6] [7] In certain formal contexts, it remains an indication of a social status that is recognised in the formal Order of Precedence . [8]

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Honorary arms may be granted to . citizens and to citizens of countries within the Commonwealth where Queen Elizabeth II is not Head of State and where there is no national heraldic authority. They must meet the same criteria of eligibility for a grant as subjects of the Crown, and in addition they must record in the official registers of the College of Arms a pedigree showing their descent from a subject of the British Crown. This may be a recent forebear such as a parent or grandparent who lived in the same country under the British Crown; an emigrant from Britain, Ireland or anywhere else where the British monarch was Head of State; or a more distant ancestor such as inhabitant of the north American colonies before the recognition of American independence in 1783.

Esquires How Could It Be I Know I CanEsquires How Could It Be I Know I CanEsquires How Could It Be I Know I CanEsquires How Could It Be I Know I Can