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“He had no idea the man he has been sleeping with is the son of his mum’s attacker. He discovers that WillmottBrown wants to meet him and despite Kathy begging him to stay away, he decides to go. It’s going to be one hell of a showdown.”

Brown was born into poverty in rural Barnwell, South Carolina, around the time of the Depression (some records give his birth date as 1928; he claims it was May 3, 1933), and grew up in Augusta, Georgia. As a child, he picked cotton, shined shoes, danced for pennies on Augusta's streets, and stole. Convicted of armed robbery at 16, he spent three years in a juvenile detention institution. While incarcerated, Brown made the acquaintance of Bobby Byrd, who performed with his family gospel group at the institution. Byrd's family eventually helped obtain Brown's release by taking the youngster in and getting him a job. Brown tried semi-professional sports, first as a boxer, then as a baseball pitcher, but a leg injury ruined his chances of going pro.

James Brown Live Hot On The OneJames Brown Live Hot On The OneJames Brown Live Hot On The OneJames Brown Live Hot On The One